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Long-term capital preservation in the context of opportunistic value investing

PCM’s primary objective is to preserve our clients’ capital over the long term while earning an attractive absolute rate of return. All equity investment decisions include risk of loss. However, our goal is to avoid investment decisions that result in a permanent loss of capital. PCM’s Value Focus Composite has attained positive total returns in 18 of the 22 calendar year periods (82%) since inception.

Produce consistent appreciation of our clients’ assets

The Value Focus strategy goal is to double invested assets over a five year period. Since strategy inception, Value Focus has returned 14.0% (Net of SMA Fee), a dramatic outperformance vs. the S&P 500 and Russell 2000.

Focus on absolute not relative metrics

Relative return objectives may create inappropriate incentives, which can result in greater risks being taken and longer time horizon opportunities missed. Since our performance goals and investment timeliness are different, PCM’s returns may not correlate closely with equity market indices.

PCM manages relationships targeted at $1 million and above. Separate account clients include high net worth individuals and institutions including universities, foundations, and retirement plans.

Separately managed accounts offer investors significant advantages:

  • Since the portfolio is constructed for you within your stand-alone account, you have full visibility of account holdings, transactions, and values.
  • For taxable clients, unlike in mutual and private funds, you have the ability to execute tax planning strategies (such as capital gain offsets) that can improve the tax efficiency of your investment.
  • Because you own the portfolio directly, with PCM you have no lock-up periods, notification requirements, or back door fees.  We are here to serve you in a transparent, fair and comprehensive manner.

We communicate with our clients frequently and openly. Quarterly written reports summarize a client's entire portfolio, including assets, income, expenses, transactions and overall performance. Periodic market letters assess the state of the economy, review our investment strategy and discuss the outlook for our clients' portfolios.

However, the aspect of our communications that our clients appreciate most is the personal touch. Clients have direct access to our Client Service Team professionals, and many are in frequent contact with us to discuss their portfolios. Many of our investors are knowledgeable about the companies in their portfolios and achieve great satisfaction from closely following their accounts.

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To access reports you must provide a username and password. To obtain a username and password, reset a password, or add reports for an account, please call your Client Services Representative at: (239) 254-2500.

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